How Do You Get Percentages?


Percentages are easy to work out as long as you know the basic formula - X/Y^100. So for example if you wanted to know the percent 82 out of 386 is you would do 82/386 = 0.212 x 100 = 21.2%. It's pretty easy to memorize but hard to do without a calculator!
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A percentage is a way to express a number as per 100. For example 70 out of 100 cats are brown. Therefore 70/100 or .70 of the cats out of the 100 cats are brown. We would say that
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To get percentage, first divide the given amount with the total amount and then multiply it with 100 i. e. Percentage = ( Given amount / Total amount ) * 100 ...
Percentage of a number x out of y is calculated as 100*x/y. For an example, if 230 out of 400 is to be converted into percentage, it will be 100*230/400=57.5%. ...
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