How Do You Get Rid of a Musty Smell through the Whole House?


Unfortunately if a home has a musty smell throughout it is probably in the furnishings as well. To get rid of the smell you would have to empty out the contents of the home, including carpet. Paint and clean the entire home and seal any leaks that may be causing moisture to get in and cause the dampness that is causing the odor.
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1. Search your home to locate mold and mildew. Look in areas that may have moisture or follow your nose to where the smell is strongest. Look under sinks, behind the washing machine
Musty smells are caused by mold, usually. Could also be algae or bacteria, in some cases, I think, but either way, the conditions that influence it are usually straightforward: too
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Musty odors are usually caused by dampness & mildew. Eliminate the
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