How do You Get Rid of Banana Trees?


Banana trees can be hard to kill. The easiest option is to use herbicide, but be careful of children and animals that may be in the area and the water run off from this will kill other plants nearby. You can by this at any home center or hardware or plant store (Round-Up will work). The other option is to dig them out, but you have to get the whole root system or they will regrow.
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Banana trees are a great little tree to have in any garden. You will need to pick a sunny spot to plant your tree and make sure to stake it because they are vulnerable to wind damage
1. Strip away dead, brown leaves from the banana plant. 2. Trim away additional stems before the banana tree bears fruit. Leave only one main stem. 3. Remove unnecessary suckers after
A banana tree is tall and yellow and has gorillas hanging from it. Just kidding. A banana tree looks like a large palm tree. The leaves are green and wider and allow for the bananas
more than 1 thousand lbs.
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To get rid of banana trees, what you can do is to dig out the roots and pull it out of the ground. They say this is a piece of cake compared to digging out bamboo ...
A banana tree is a cool tolerant large herbaceous flowering plant, with texture and flavour similar to vanilla ice cream. It has large leaves and produces medium ...
Banana trees are grown in places that are very warm and that do not have a chance of frost. Before you try to grow a banana tree, you must know that the tree can ...
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