How Do You Get Rid of Heat Bumps on Your Face?


To rid of heat bumps on the face the sweat ducts needs to be unclogged. This is done by ensuring the face area stays dry, free from sweat, and to avoid heat, such as the sun, from hitting the area. Keeping the face cool and dry will normally avoid this type of bumps.
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When red bumps appear on one's face, it is usually assumed that they have been hit with the curse of acne, however, that is not always the case. Peri-oral dermatitis, skin allergies
To get rid of heat rash take a cool bath twice a day.Keep the area
Apply cool moist compresses and that should help. If you shave, be very careful of how you do it. The bumps could be razor bumps, or razor burn. Treat razor burn with aloe vera gel
get a wash cloth then nicely use ice cold water and dapp alot of cold water on it then splash only once a little bit of warm water then just sleep it will go away in 3 to for days
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