How can you get rid of hickies?


To get rid of any hickies you have you will need to do the following steps; to cool off the hickey use a spoon and an ice cube, secondly you should twist the spoon counter clockwise for ten seconds and then clockwise for ten seconds around the shape of the hickey, thirdly, you should use eye drops to get rid of the red in the hickey and after several drops, the hickey should almost be invisible and finally, put concealer on the hickey for finishing touches and gently pat the concealer over your hickey, so as to blend the remaining red colour of the hickey to your skin.
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How to Get Rid of Hickies
Hickies are temporary red marks on the skin caused by excessive kissing or sucking--with enough force to break open some blood vessels around the surface or beneath the skin. Hickies are also known as passion marks, love-marks or love bites. These kiss... More »
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There are several ways of getting rid of the hickies, you can apply the ice to reduce the effect. It is also advisable to rub the place with a hair brush or comb to quickly break up the blood. In addition, you can rub vitamin K into the area.
You get rid of hickies the same as any other bruise: cold compress and gentle massage to start, followed by warm compress to expedite healing. It will still take a few days, however.
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