How Do You Get Rid of Moles in the Garden?


To get rid of moles in the garden, one has to find the underground run which is usually between several mole hills. A hole is then made in the run and a trap placed inside. Since moles have a very sharp smell, one has to wear gloves when handling a trap.
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To get rid of moles, the animals, find their tunnels and install pit traps that will trap the mole inside it. To get rid of moles on your skin, see a dermatologist.
To get rid of a mole in your garden, you can kill it by hitting it hard on the head, if you can manage to time it well. You can also set a live lethal trap and then kill it by burning. In addition, you can use rodent repellents, which will keep it away from the garden completely.
The easiest way to get rid of moles in your garden is by pushing a 'wind mill' type garden ornament into the soil. As the wind blows through the sails causing the rotor to rotate, vibrations travel down the plastic handle/tube into the ground. Moles sense these vibrations and keep clear.
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You can "catch and release" them by setting "tunnel traps", after finding the most active tunnels, OR you can get "killing" traps that will choke them
1. To get rid of your mole/s can be a problem if you don't want to kill them. It often becomes a choice between your lawn or vegetable garden and the mole's need to tunnel and feed
1. Spread used cat litter around mole and gopher holes. Cats are natural predators and their odor in the cat litter is enough to send most moles and gophers running for safer ground
There are a couple of options. The most effective is by actually trapping them. Usually, moles come into the lawn or garden because they have found a plentiful food source. They primarly
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Planting chocolate lilies or 'skunk lilies' around your yard can help keep moles out. Cats are natural enemies of moles and can do a good job eliminating them. ...
Moles in the yard are a nightmare. If you have a dog or cat, let them do some of the work by digging up their tunnels. Some claim that spearmint placed in the ...
If you are wondering how do you get rid of moles in your yard, this is the answer. Common methods of mole removal include using traps and flooding the mole holes ...
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