How Do You Get Rid of Skin Mites in Rabbits?


To get rid of skin mites in rabbits, you can use kitten-size doses of ‘revolution’. Another alternative is to have your vet give a shot of ‘ivermectin’ to your rabbit, which is safe in the correct dosage.
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There are five steps to get rid of skin mites. You should bath in warm water with soap, take a bath in the evening so that creams can be used. Apply the prescribed medications, the
1. Observe your rabbit closely if you suspect he has mites. An infested rabbit may show signs of extreme itching, hair loss, and red, scaly patches along the back and neck. Separate
Well, when my rabbit had mites we took her to the vet and the vet told us to put a little bit of cat mite protection on her neck. and it worked! The best thing you should do is take
Those over the counter sprays do not work and are often harmful. Here
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