How Do You Get Rid of Skinks?


Clean your home and its surroundings by removing dirty laundry, piled up trash, leftover food, stagnant water and insect nests. Add a number of bug traps in and out of the house, repair the broken areas of your home and remove any skink that you can find and place them in a cardboard box.
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Had this problem myself so I know just how disgustingly awful that smell is! It is no use to keep wetting and washing the carpet because it just needs to dry out. The water from the
Use bug repellents, they drive away the bugs which will eventually decrease the population of lizards around your home. Also, bleach works fairly well because it burns the lizards
Give them to meeeeee!!!
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One of the best ways to get rid of a skunk is to place mothballs around the area where they are visiting. You also can set up a small trap or cage. Lastly, placing ...
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