How Do You Get Rid of Too Much Salt in Food?


You could try watering down your food if it is water based in order to get rid of too much salt in it. You could also add some carbohydrates to dish such as rice or grain.
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If a food already has salt in it, it is nearly impossible to rid the food of this salt. Controlling salt, or getting rid of salt in food, requires limiting added intake of salt to said food. Also, buying foods that are low in salt is a great way to reduce total salt intake. For example, many canned vegetables now have reduced salt products that reduce the salt content by not adding salt as a preservative. Salt content is noted on the label for all foods, so monitor the label and salt intake can be controlled.
While you can't really take out the salt in food once it's been put in there, the best way to lessen the salty taste is to add more of the other foods. For example, if you're cooking soup and it tastes too salty, try adding more broth or more of the other ingredients to it to dilute the salt.
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