How Do You Get Rock Smash on Fire Red?


To get Rock Smash on Fire Red in the Pokemon game, you will have to surf south of the pier from the Poke centre until you reach Treasure Island. From the Treasure Island head east and north on to Kindle road and continue past the trainers and the grass to reach Ember spa. You will then have to talk to the man at the waterfall who will give you the Rock Smash.
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the hm rock smash is in island one go 2 ember spa and talk 2 the guy next to the water fall Okay. Go to Island 1. You need a Pokemon with surf. Go to the right until you reach Kindle
1. After defeating the Pokemon Gym Leader on Cinnabar Island, You get greeted by Bill, the guy who has the PC System. Ad. 2. After you'll go to the islands of One, Two, Three, etc
In Pokemon Fire Red, go to One Island and find the hot springs, which
1. Go to Vermillion City in “Pokemon: Fire Red.” This is the only dock that allows you to travel to Navel Rock. 2. Talk to the sailor next to the ship on the docks. He
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To get rock smash in fire red, get out of the Pokémon centre onto Kindle road. Head north and enter Ember Spa and enter a hot spring whereby you can heal you Pokémon by dipping yourself in water. After this talk to the old man at the waterfall and get to HM06-Rock Smash.
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