How Do You Get Scratches out of Sunglasses?


You can't really get most scratches out of glasses. You could try to take your glasses to your eye doctor and see if he or she could buff it out. There are wipes out there that say that it will help, however, a lot of people say that it does not work.
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1. Rinse the lens of your sunglasses with hot water and soap to remove any dirt and residue. Wrap plastic over the frames of the glasses if you wish to protect them from the water
In this circumstance, the best way would be replacing these scratched lenses with a new pair. Anyway, it's true that should you purchase glasses at local optical store or reputable
Apply Armour Etch to the lenses using latex or rubber gloves.
yeah that is. scuffs are considered scratches too. you can find a polish to get rid of them at pretty much any sunglass store or online.
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