How Do You Get Set in Stains under the Arms of Tee Shirts?


The answer to your question of how do you get set in stains under the arms of tee shirts is there are several types of things you can purchase such as Oxy clean and spray and wash.
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1. Spray stain remover on any dark underarm stains that you see on the shirt. Wait 30 minutes while the stain remover soaks into the fibers. If you notice that the stain remover is
You might want to try to get rid of armpit stains with a
Yellowing under the arms of shirts is sweat oxidizing. Here are some things to try. As a preventative measure pre-spot your shirts with ammonia or Oxy Clean. They will both break
I've had this problem with white shirts - hideous pain in the a*se and I was having to chuck them until I tried Vanish OxyAction. Either try Crystal White or Multi Stain. I don't
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To get the black stain off from under your arm of your shirt is easy. The best cleaner to get is Clorox Bleach. You can pour some on the stain directly or pour ...
One way to remove a set in yellow stain from a white tee-shirt is to use baking soda by mixing 4 Tbsp. with 1/4 cup of water, then scrub the paste onto the spot ...
To prevent underarm stains make sure to let your antiperspirant dry completely before putting your shirt on. Using talcum powder under your arms is another way ...
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