How Do You Get Text to Go on More Than One Line of a Cell in Excel?


To enter more than 1 line of text within a cell, within the formula bar - select 'Alt & Enter' where you want the additional lines to show. Also, I wasn't clear on the question if 'wrapping text' would solve your issue. If so, right click on cell, click on Format, then the 'alignment' tab and click on 'Wrap text'.
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Place your cursor where you want the line to end and next line to begin. If the data that you want to split in 2 (or more) line is already entered in the cell, you can place your
Go to the Format menu, pick Cells and Alignment and the click the Wrap Text option.
Press ALT+ENTER to enter a line feed in a cell. Kevin
When typing in a cell within an Excel worksheet, press
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