How Do You Get the Film off the inside Glass of a Fish Tank?


The easiest way to get the film off of the inside glass of a fish tank, in my experience, is with an old credit card or gift card. There are algae scrapers out there but they don't seem to work any better or worse for the money you pay. You can also try a plain, steel wool pad.
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1. Visit your pet store or fish store to select an algae scraper, which is a soft pad attached to a long handle. Algae scrapers are desirable to use for cleaning because they generally
CLR cleaner will remove it. although make sure you rinse it really well 6-8 times after. or you can go to petsmart (or some place like that) and pick up some aquirium cleaning wipes
The best thing to use to remove algae is phosphate drops. When adde...
I bought something almost identical to this several months ago and tossed every other algae cleaner I had in the trash… Took off all
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