How do You Get the Sour Smell Out of Clothes?


When you have left a load in the washer and it sours, if you don't wait too long you can just rewash the load and the smell will come out. If however, the smell has set in, you will need to wash the clothes as normal but also add a cup of vinegar to the wash load.
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1. Place dish cloths in a washer, and launder on a normal setting with mild liquid detergent. Allow the washer to run through the entire cycle, and leave the dish cloths in the washer
In the summer months if you leave your wash in the washer for a day or two your laundry can start to smell sour. Also if you have a small child you may have left a dirty diaper in
There are several things that should work. You can re-wash them in your regular detergent, then dry. Or you can wash them with a cup of baking soda instead. You can also wash them
Isopropyl alchohol is a nuetralizing agent that may
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To remove soured smells out of clothing you need to rewash it. Fill washer with hottest water the clothing can be washed in. Add one cup of baking soda, color ...
1. Our first reaction when clothes come out of the dryer with a sour odor is to just put them all back into the washing machine and rewash them. But many times ...
The best method is to use a type of Oxiclean detergent with your regular washing detergent. You may also want to soak the fabric in a bucket of Oxiclean before ...
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