How Do You Get to Navel Rock in Pokemon Fire Red?


To get the navel rock on Pokemon Fire Red you first need to go to the Pokemart and download the ticket to the navel mart. Once you have your ticket you will need to use the confuse ray on ho-Oh. Be sure not to use the ray when his health is low as it will not work. You now need to go to Birth Island and head to the moving triangle. Once in the moving triangle, follow the pattern displayed.
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1. Go to Vermillion City in “Pokemon: Fire Red.” This is the only dock that allows you to travel to Navel Rock. 2. Talk to the sailor next to the ship on the docks. He
navel rock is the 8th island out from Cinnibar island. but you need the mystic ticket
You can't unfortunately. Years ago they were helding an event that gives away the Mystic Ticket. Using the Mystic Ticket you could go to the Vermillion Port and from there to Navel
1. After defeating the Pokemon Gym Leader on Cinnabar Island, You get greeted by Bill, the guy who has the PC System. Ad. 2. After you'll go to the islands of One, Two, Three, etc
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To go to Navel Rock in Pokémon you will need a 'Mystery Gift' or the ticket that gets you to Celadon City. When you reach there somebody will ask you if ...
To get to navel rock in Pok mon Emerald, follow the cave directly up until you reach a staircase up. On reaching this point, turn left and up the stairs to reach ...
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