How Do You Get to Pallet Town in Pokemon Gold?


To get to Pallet town in Pokémon Gold, you first have to fight and beat the Elite Four. Next fix the power plant in Kanto, and get to the radio tower in lavender where you will get a radio card from a man. Now go to Vermilion, and reaching on Snorlax use radio Pokeflute. Finally use the cave, the bush while moving southwards to Pallet through Viridian.
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To get to Pallet Town go to Vermilion City, then go by the docks,
1st, u have to go to power plant - where u caught zapdos in FR and LG. then ull see there is the place where they control the elect, from kanto. then, u have to speak with that man
You need to wake up the Snorlax that's blocking a cave entrance in Vermilion City. In order to do this, you need to head into the Power Plant in the Kanto region which is east of
1. Obtain HM3, also known as "Surf, after defeating the Grunt encountered in Ecruteak Theater. Teach this skill to an eligible water-type Pokémon, such as Bulbasaur or
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To wake up Snorlax in pokemon gold, return the missing part of the worker at the power plant then upgrade your radio at Lavender Town's Radio Tower. This will ...
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