How Do You Get to Pewter City in Pokemon Crystal?


To get to Pewter City in Pokemon Crystal, go through the Ditto Cave where you will find Snorlax sleeping at the front. Get the power plant up and running again and then go to the Lavender town radio tower to get the EXPN card, so as to get the Pokeflute on your radio. Play it in front of the Snorlax to wake it up.
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first you go to the kanto region, then you go to vermilion city to the digletts cave. then you defeat snorlax (if you haven`t done that yet) by tuning on the pokeflute music on the
1. Enter Pokemon City. The Pewter Museum is located within the city. You pass several small buildings on your way to the museum. You can easily identify the museum by its large size
1. Go to Saffron City and to Copycat Girl's house. 2. Talk to Copycat in her bedroom. She will mention something about a lost doll. 3. Go south to Vermilion City. 4. Enter the Pok
Hi Trey, You need to wake up Snorlax to enter the Diglett Cave and go to Pewter City. You can do this by playing the Radio on the broadcast frequency of the PokéFlute Music
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You must get to Pewter City before you go to Kanto. So if you have already made it to Kanto, you should turn around and go back. When you first arrive in Kanto ...
To get to pewter city in pokemon gold, you need to go through Viridian Forest, just north of there is Pewter City. You can get your Fossils health restored in ...
To get to pewter city, in pokemon silver, after you finish Digletts cave, cut. This will take you to Route 2. Then cut down some bushes, go through Viridian Forest ...
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