How Do You Get Water Based Paint out of Clothes?


You can get water-based paint out of clothes by running them through the washing machine. You can add a product like Oxyclean to the wash cycle to help get the paint off.
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How to Get Water Based Paint Out of Clothes
Water-based paint is commonly used in art projects, though the paint is also used for bigger projects, such as painting walls. Unlike oil-based paint, water-based paint will dissolve with soap and water, making clean up somewhat easier. As with any... More »
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Before getting started you will need detergent, water and an old toothbrush for cleaning. Spread some of the detergent onto the enamel paint and using the toothbrush ...
Acrylic paint is very easy to get out of clothes and other fabrics, as it is not meant to stain. Acrylics are water-based, and so are easily cleaned up when still ...
Removing latex paint from clothes can be difficult without the help of alcohol and vinegar. In order to do this, pour hot water on the paint and use a knife to ...
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