How Do You Get Your Male Lab to Lift His Leg to Urinate?


It's normal for a male puppy to squat instead of lifting his leg to urinate until about six months old. If he is an adult, he may not learn to lift his leg if he's already been neutered.
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he doesn't, he always pees like that. unless he decides he doesn't want to any more.
Dog's urine a scent marker for other dogs. A male dog lifts his leg so
Seeing that he is older, and this is a change in behaviour, I would say it has to do with age. My 13 yr old chi has made some changes due to his arthritis. It may be painful for him
Your male dog has begun the "leg lifting" behavior beause at 6 months of age he is starting to mature. His body is beginning to produce hormones that trigger his instinctive
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