How Do You Grow a Thick Privet Hedge?


The first step to growing a thick privet hedge is by preparing the planting ground and clearing all vegetations in it. Then place the privet hedge trees in water for at least one hour before planting and also remember to remove any dead or diseased sections in the root. Then mix well rotted manure into the soil and dig enough hole that is deep enough using a spade. The last step is growing the plant in loose soil that is well drained. Mulching and regular trimming will enhance privet hedge faster growth.
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1. Prepare the ground by clearing the ground of all vegetation. With a garden fork, or tiller, work the ground until it is at least 1 1/2 feet deep. 2. Fill a bucket with water. If
"Am I right? > Whatever I cut, will it grow back doubled?" Yes, sort of..... Any time you cut off the end of an actively growing branch you have removed what is called
A privet hedge takes 12weeks to grow to about 18 inches
Prune! You can safely take off 1/3 of the total top growth. Take a really big breath first, it is scary to trim this much. You could also take the best trimmings and plunk them in
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