Where does Wheat Grow?


Wheat grows beat in a dry, mild climate. If it's to hot or to cold it will ruin the crop. The leading wheat producing countries are China, Soviet Union, United States, India, and Canada.
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How to Grow Wheat
When growing wheat, rake the seeds into the very top layer of soil, water the seeds regularly, and collect the seeds to grow more plants or to use in cooking. Grow wheat, which is a grass common in most carbohydrate-rich foods, with information from a... More »
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1. Buy winter wheat seeds from a local garden center or order online in August. According to Michigan State University, the state's top winter wheats are soft white or red winter
The easiest way it to buy a kit and grow it indoors. However, it grows not unlike lawn grass. You can simply buy seed, prepare the soil and plant, add water and natural fertilizers
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As a child i always to wonder why people want to eat grass? But now i have learnt that wheat grass juice is very nutritious and helps people with Asthma and kidney ...
Wheat is a cereal plant which is grown in the temperate countries. It is among the top three most produced crops in the world. This grass grows in between two ...
To grow wheat you will need a large plot of land and space. Till the ground and insert wheat seeds. Given several months of sunlight and water the wheat will grow ...
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