How Do You Handle an Angry Boyfriend?


Explain the misunderstandings if possible and put up with some acceptable and unpleasant words or behavior. Just help him cool down and time can help a lot.
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1. STAY CALM. If you're dealing with an angry or belligerent person, don't get pulled into their state of mind. 2. DON'T ARGUE. Most people are combative and they want a fight, either
You are in an abusive relationship. It is classic. And yes, he does remember what he says. If he can control himself with others, such as if he were talking to a cop or someone in
1 Remain calm and adjust your mindset. No one likes to get confronted by a yelling, heated person in a public space. However, your job in this situation is to stay cool and collected
Kick that mo fo in the shine then yell i quit, get the hell outta there.
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