How Do You Hide a Tongue Piercing?


You can try put on a transparent ball on top and bottom and talk normally without having to open your mouth too much. And you could also ice-it so that the swelling stays down. If it does not swell, the better you will speak.
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How to Hide a Tongue Piercing
Having a tongue piercing has become somewhat of a norm. However, employers often request that their employees not have visible piercings. Instead of taking the jewelry out and letting the tongue piercing close, many people have chosen to hide the fact... More »
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These are the pros and cons of tongue piercing. The pros are it is a form of facial decoration and jewelry that complements the face. It draws attention to the ...
Signs of an infected tongue piercing may start with redness around the area that was pierced. Other signs include soreness, swelling, and a red streak coming from ...
Tongue piercings can have many negative affects on braces. The barbell in your tongue could chip your teeth, break one of your braces brackets or get stuck in ...
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