How Do You Identify Antique Porcelain Figurines?


To identify Antique porcelain figurines requires figurines, magnifying glass and good light; inspect the figurine to see what it represents. Study the figurine for markings. Cautiously check the figurine for other clues to its origins. Confer museum websites with relevant collections. Reflect hiring a professional appraiser if you are still uncertain about identifying the figurine.
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The earliest Japanese figurines were pottery figurines dating from the medieval period. However, most antique figurines date from the Edo (1603-1868) and Meiji (1868-1912) periods
Go to collectors forums, particularly checking on more narrow periods. Library may have books also.
Dating to the 17th century, the earliest dolls were simple peg-like wooden objects dressed in scraps of fabric. Porcelain dolls-in fact, dolls with porcelain heads, as the bodies
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