How Do You Keep Flies Away from BBQ?


To keep flies away from a barbeque, place large bowls of vinegar on the table. The vinegar smell will keep the flies away.
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There are a few different ways to keep flies away. First you need to get rid of their food sources like dog waste or garbage. If that doesn't work, using fly strips or a bug zapper
1. Obtain a plastic bag that seals and can hold water. Make sure it is water tight, and the top of the bag is durable enough to hold under weight. 2. Fill the plastic bag with clean
Look in Walmart or some other store for a fly repellent candle or something. They release gases that the flies don't like when ignited, should keep the flies away! Have a nice BBQ
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Flies are an unattractive site in or outdoors. To deter them, you could try growing some herbs at home which act as a natural repellent These herbs include basil ...
1. Fill a ziplock bag half way with water. We prefer using a medium sized ziplock bag. Add a few pennies (4 or 5) to the water. 2. Zip the plastic bag shut making ...
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