How Do You Kill Centipedes?


To kill centipedes in your home they do have chemicals found at your local grocery store that will kill these rodents. Centipedes are usually found in a wet area of your home like a basement. Most centipedes are found outside. If you really have a lot of centipedes in your home I would suggest calling in an exterminator and they can get them all out at once. You can find more information here:
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1. Clean your home regularly, and set a fan in the area where you notice ground centipede activity in your home. The fan will assist in keeping the area dry, creating an environment
Most centipedes are not harmful just ugly so it makes them look harmful but to kill u have to get bug spray and spray it in the vents just keep doing that for about a whole week.
Spraying it with an aerosol insecticide that claims to kill centipedes-or
is this a basement shower. i'd try some bug foam in there it's in a can looks like a big can of shaving can. the stuff for hornets will do if that's all they've got. seal around the
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The centipede is a carnivore and it uses its venom to kill its prey. They love to eat spiders, insects, earthworms, slugs and other small animals they may catch. ...
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