How Do You Know a Hibernating Hamster Is Dead?


Its body temperature had dropped, its rigid and stiff looking. Very slightly the whiskers on the hamster will move. The hamster will still have to breathe in its hibernation state. This happens because the hamster goes through a winter numbness. Hamsters like temperatures around 65 F - 72 F (18-22 C).
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well since hamsters dont hibernate....
hamsters do hibernate. Ive had quite a few who have done so during winter months. if you watch him closely, you should see his whiskers twitch slightly,maybe Just once very minute
1. Take the cage out into an open area such as the yard. This helps eliminate the dead smell in the house. 2. Open the lid of the cage. Place the lid on the ground. 3. Cover your
1. If you have a young hamster or newborn and it is not moving the first thing you've got to do is go straight to the thermostat. Ad. 2. If the thermostat is on low/5 degrees turn
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If you don't know if your hamster is dead, you can search for a couple signs of life. For example, if you stare at the hamster's chest and it does not move at ...
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