How Do You Know If a Potato Has Gone Bad?


The easiest way to know if a potato has gone bad is to smell of the potato. It will have a strong, unpleasant odor if it has gone bad. Look at the skin of the potato. If it is shriveled or sprouting, it should be thrown out. If the potato has gone soft or wrinkly, it has probably gone bad.
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1. Select potatoes at the market that are packed in netted bags. Do not purchase potatoes packed in solid paper bags. Netted bags allow air to circulate and keep the potatoes dry.
It gets really squishy and some liquid might leak out.
As long as they are firm and don't have a bad smell, they are okay to eat,
1. Try and find the source of the problem. Is it arguments, the food, or are the guests complaining? Ad. 2. If the problem is arguments then just try to fix them. If it doesn't get
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