How Do You Know If Its a Boy Turtle or a Girl Turtle?


A boy turtle's shell is concave (goes in), while a girl's is convex (goes out). Turtles have a hole in their tail. If the hole is located close to the body, then it's a girl, further away from the body, it's a boy. Also, the boy's tail will be fatter.
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No you actually can tell by their lengths of their tale if its long its a guy if its short its a girl.
1. Deduce the temperature at which the eggs were incubated, if possible. The incubation temperature of the egg determines the sex of an alligator snapping turtle. A warmer incubation
Hello Lesley, I don't know what species you got, but usually - if the bottom shell is convex (protrudes out) it's probably a female. If it's concave (caves in) then it's most likely
Most males have in-curved bellies, females have flat or out-curved
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