How Do You Know If Rack and Pinion Is Bad?


If it jams has a good guide on how does one know if rack and pinion is bad. There is a flow chart that gives multiple symptoms, and steps to take to repair the problem.
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1. Notice if the steering of the vehicle seems to be loose or "slips" at all while the vehicle is in motion. For example, if you are turning either left or right, note if
you cant steer.
pedro is right! a bad rack will have catches in them and you have to jerk the wheel to straighten it back up. mine did,nt work right when i bought my car and i dipped some of the
n. A device for the conversion of rotary and linear motion, consisting of a pinion and a mated rack. rack-and-pinion rack'-and-pin'ion ( răk'ən-pĭn'yən ) adj.
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How to Know If a Rack and Pinion Is Bad
Most people dread taking their automobile to a mechanic because they are not knowledgeable about the problems. Many are afraid of being ripped off. Having just a little knowledge about steering problems can help you avoid costly rack and pinion repairs.... More »
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There are a few things that may indicate that your rack and pinion is bad. You will know you can possibly have a bad rack and pinion if, when you're driving you car pulls to the right or left. It may take conscious effort too keep your car going straight. Another sign might be that your tires are showing signs of uneven wear.
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