How do you know if someone put a curse on you?


The signs and symptoms of being cursed vary greatly but commonly include health problems, financial difficulties, turmoil within important relationships and the sudden onset of bad luck in general. Curses and spells are distinctive and affect specific areas of a person's well-being.

Many different cultural and spiritual groups employ the use of spells or curses in their traditions. Most spells are intended to have a negative effect on the person being hexed or cursed. However, spells also exist that are intended to have a positive effect on the life of the person they are being put on.

Negative spells are often cast by people who consider themselves modern-day witches. Witches believe they possess supernatural powers that allow them to alter the state of another person's well-being. Witches can be male or female. Witches often use hair, clothing or bodily fluids, such as blood, belonging to the person they wish to curse to aid in the casting of spells.

Positive spells or hexes are not usually referred to as curses because of the positive effect they have on the person for which they are intended. Many practitioners of positive spells refer to themselves as "white witches." White witches do not practice magic or spells that are intended to harm others. Positive spells or incantations are used to enhance a person's love life, social status, health, or financial well-being.

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