How Do You Know If You Passed the Math Part of the Accuplacer Test?


You obviously would wait until the test results were given out. Hopefully you passed but if not then you can just study hard and re take the test. Could have better luck the second time around.
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1. Review Accuplacer study guides. Study guides are beneficial because they provide a sample of the actual test. 2. Take a pretest. Pretests may be available online or on your college
The test-taker is given a score, and the score is also made available to the
You will be placed in a Developmental Math class before you can take any other credit math class. You can retake the test to avoid being placed in one of these classes.'...
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The GED test will cover different areas like reading, math, language and english. There may be an essay you have to write, but every GED test is different. There ...
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