How Do You Know If Your Cherry Has Been Popped?


You might be referring to the hymen as the cherry. To determine if you have broken hymen, an internal examination is necessary because any bleeding after sexual intercourse can also refer to lacerations and not just the breaking of the hymen.
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Popping the cherry is a slang term for taking someone's virginity. It means breaking the hymen which is a barrier of skin that lays across the opening to the vagina.
The hymen in young girls has usually already broke by accident, but if you want to make sure of it, there are some ways to tell. Stretch very well and do some complex yoga moves.
you will start bleeding temperarily.
They hymen is the membrane, which encloses the vaginal area. You can
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Well, when you had sex, you should have bled a little. If you didn't, you could always be checked out by your gynecologist. But you should have felt it. ...
When you pop your cherry you will get a flow similar to a period. If you just split a little bit it will be a light blood like you would get from a small cut on ...
Popping your cherry can be done in several different ways, some of which may have already been done and the 'cherry' having been popped. Using tampons, riding ...
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