How Do You Know If Your Dog Is in Heat?


If a female dog is in heat you will notice her bleeding from her vagina, increased urination, and swelling of the vulva. Sometime she will also act strange or more aggressive. You can find more information here:
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Female dogs can start coming into heat as early as 6 mths old up to 12 mths. Each dog breed and size of the dog will come into heat at different times. Usually, this cycle will occur
Construct a dog house, or give your dog a shaded area outdoors that she can escape to during the hot summer months. This protective area could be anything from a shade tree to an
1 Recognize the symptoms of heat stroke in a dog. Reac
Female dogs do not go through anything equivalent to human menopause, though their fertility declines. They retain their ability to become pregnant well into old age, long after breeding
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When dogs are in heat, they usually have a menstrual cycle and will need to have a diaper put on them like a baby. Their nipples will also swell and so will their ...
You will know when your dog is in heat when she begins acting strangely, possibly spotting blood, and male dogs won't leave her alone. Also her vulva might swell ...
Your dog will attract lots of gentlemen callers when she is in heat. You won't be able to keep them away. She may have a discharge as well when she is in heat. ...
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