How Do You Know Tooth Is Infected after Extraction?


An infection after an extraction is possible although it is not common because the body has a strong immune system. You will know that you have an infection when there is a bad odour coming from your mouth and the gum left after the extraction turns into a colour that is not white.
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Antibiotics may or may not be prescribed by your dentist, as they see fit, but you can prevent infection yourself by rinsing your mouth regularly with salt water and changing the
1. Take all prescription or non-prescription pain killers your dentist prescribes. Your dentist may also prescribe an antibiotic. Take it to either clear up an infection you already
Signs of infection after tooth removal include fever above
An infection will not go away without the help of antibiotics. Yes, you can control it with Listerine and the like, but it will never be GONE. You need to go back to the dentist,
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A gum infection after a tooth extraction is quite common and can be treated quite quickly and easily. When a tooth is removed, it leaves behind a hole in the gum ...
After a tooth extraction, there are usually specific care instructions that the dentist will provide. Preventing infection and controlling pain are the two primary ...
Answer There are a number of potential causes of dental infection. Sometimes an impacted wisdom tooth can compromise the back root of the second molar. This would ...
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