How do you know when a wart is dead?


A wart is a small tumor on the skin anywhere on the body. A dead wart may look to the patient as alive, but it begins to shrink at the time of death. Most of the time the wart will shrivel up and the visible white spot will start to disappear. Many specialists believe that when the wart dies, it dries up and leaves a white spot in its location. Most warts die within a week or two after being properly treated.
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1. Soak the wart before starting the dead tissue removal process. Submerge your hand or foot in warm water and let it soak for 10 to 20 minutes to soften the tissue. This will make
This is an old answer, but I'd like to share because of my super successful experience. I had a plantar wart and went to the dermotologist at least 15 visits. He tried acid, freezing
A dead wart looks to the patient just like live
See a doctor, they treat these things, that is what I did for a wart on my arm.
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