How Do I Know If I've Had a Miscarriage?


Miscarriages in the first trimester are common. There are several signs to look for if you are having a miscarriage. Signs of a miscarriage later in the first trimester include moderate pain/cramping as well as bleeding.
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1. Look for light to heavy vaginal bleeding. Half of all women who experience bleeding during pregnancy will have a miscarriage, according to Spotting is also cause
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1. Check for vaginal bleeding. Light spotting, and even moderate bleeding, can occur in healthy pregnancies. Heavy bleeding with clotting may indicate miscarriage. Notify your physician
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For one to know if she has had a miscarriage, the most obvious sign will be vaginal bleeding (looks more like a heavy period). This is often accompanied by cramp-like pains on the lower part of the stomach which almost feels like the intensity of labour.
The most obvious signs are period-like pains and heavy bleeding, which may include blood clots. Some miscarriages are discovered only during a routine early pregnancy scan when ultrasound reveals an empty pregnancy sac, where the embryo should be.
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