How do You Know When Your Car Needs a Tune Up?


You know when your car needs a tune up when it's been a year since it had its last one. Cars, generally, need to have a tune up once a year. Other cars, however, get tuned up twice a year. You can find more information here:
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Your car needs a full tune up every 100,000 miles. A tune up would included changing the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, the oil and oil filter (every 3,000) miles. You will know that your car needs a tune up if you are getting lower than average gas mileage for your vehicle or if you are having hesitation problems.
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A car tune up consists of changing the fuel filter, the spark plugs if you have them, and the distributor cap and rotor. You might have to check the timing and adjust the valves.
1. Go to the garage. Choose the vehicle you would like to tune. Select the blueprint from the menu. 2. Purchase your desired parts for the vehicle. Select "Tune" from the
If you want to know how to tune cars, the first stop will be at the auto part store. A oil change kit, spark plugs and extra fluids will give you a basic tune up on your car. You
signs a car needs a tune up can be all or any of the following. poor performance. excessive fuel consumption.unusal noise in engine. hard to start. backfiring in engine. not starting
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A car needs a tune up every 100,000 miles. A tune up would include changing the spark plugs, the wires, distributor cap, change of air filter, an oil change and ...
Performing regular tune ups on your vehicle can extend it's life and maximize performance. Follow the guidelines in your car's handbook, but as long as you maintain ...
Check your owners manual to see what it recommends. On modern cars a tune-up is usually called for at about 60,000 miles. You can also clean or replace the air ...
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