How do I address an envelope?


The skill of addressing an envelope properly is essential if you want your mail to arrive to its intended location in a timely manner. Envelopes that are wrongly addressed will be sent back to the return address or possibly lost if the return address is missing or incomplete.

  1. Place your envelope with the flap side down

    After you have sealed your envelope, place it with the flap side down against a table or other hard surface. You address your envelope on the opposite side of where it was sealed.

  2. Write your address

    In the upper left-hand corner of the envelope, write your address, otherwise known as the return address. This should include your first and last name, your street number, your street name, your city and your ZIP code. The writing of the return address should be smaller than the writing of the recipient's address.

  3. Write the recipient's address

    In the middle of the envelope, write the mailing address for your envelope's recipient. This includes the recipient's first and last name, street address, street number, city and ZIP code. Remember, the clarity of your handwriting is important so that postal workers can route your mail correctly.

  4. Place a stamp on your envelope

    Your envelope cannot go anywhere without a postage stamp. Make sure you place the stamp in the upper right-hand corner before you send it. If you are not sure how much postage to put on it, the post office can weigh your envelope and tell you how much postage you need.

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