How Do You Lace DC Shoes?


Most people lace their DC shoes using the bar lacing method. To lace DC shoes this way, start by inserting the lace straight across the bottom eyelets on the outside. Then run the left end straight up the inside and straight across the outside. Next run both ends straight up the inside skipping one eyelet so that the lace emerges every other eyelet.
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How to Lace DC Shoes
DC shoes are popular among the extreme sport crowd and can be purchased at most skate shops. They generally are laced in a way that requires the wearer to tie the shoes, and there are a couple different ways that they can be laced. They usually come... More »
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If you want to be styling, then when wearing DC Shoes, lace the laces under the tongue of the shoe. When wearing DC Shoes, seeing the laces is a big no .
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