How Do You Levitate Things?


To levitate the visual body, start by charging your body with energy then see your visual body standing right in front of you. Visualise your energy blending with your visual body and focus on lifting or levitating it off the ground. Once it is off the ground, hold it there for a minute then focus on bringing it back down to the surface. Repeat this about six times and then open your eyes.
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Levitation is no easy task, unless you're Criss Angel, that is. But, if you're dedicated to the cause, you can learn how to levitate. You can try meditation to levitate, or learn
Well my friend bought the kit and he found out how to levitate a piece of paper It was soo cool and awesome I just wanted to try it. SO i went over to his table and I saw this string
Raise your consciousness using your favourite consciousness-raising technique. Levitate by
The spell in Harry Potter to levitate things is "Wingardium Leviosa". Spell to move objects is "Mobiliarbus!"
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There are two ways to levitate things. The first takes skill, patience and meditation and is real levitation. The second is to use illusion to levitate things. ...
The simplest way to make things float (levitate) is by using a strong magnet which attracts them. However, levitation or psychokinesis experts say it takes a very ...
To levitate is to rise and float in the air, especially by means of magical or supernatural power. Levitating is not easy and in most cases it is very hard for ...
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