How do You Light a Gas Stove?


Be very careful working with natural gas. If you need to light your gas stove manually, light a long match and place it close to the pilot holes of your stove. Turn the nob of the burner to a setting low setting and it should light completely within a couple of seconds. Put out the match quickly. You can find out more information here:
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How to Light a Gas Stove
If you have a non-electric pilot light on your gas stove, then you know that pilot lights sometimes go out. They can go out because food or liquid has been spilled on them, because of a strong breeze, or they can even go out for unknown reasons.... More »
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If you want to know how to light a gas stove, please carefully read the instructions. Any gas stove comes with a pilot. Some pilots will allow you to click and it supplies the gas and turns on. Others you might have to light with a match.
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