How Do You Make a 2 Ohm Stable AMP Push 4 4 Ohm Speakers?


In order to make a 2 ohm stable amp push 4.4 ohm speakers would be to connect a sub woofer to the system itself and give it a high kick of sound through the speakers.
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1. Disconnect the battery. No power should be going to the amp or the speakers. 2. Cut the length of speaker wire that you will need to go from the amp input to the speaker input.
Three 8 ohms in parallel will give you 2.67 ohms so that will work on 2 ohm stable mode.
Do it. There is really no 4 ohm amplifier for your loudspeaker. The output impedance of a good amplifier is less than 0.5 ohm. Scroll down to related links and look at "Voltage
It just gives you two options to choose from when
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When referring to amplifiers, the power output capabilities of the amp are partially dependent on the resistance of the speakers that it is sending electrical ...
You can connect a 6 Ohm speaker to an 8 Ohm amplifier. This is because the impedance rating on speakers is nominal meaning the impedance listed is a single value ...
If you switch to 4 ohm speakers, output impedance of amplifier will not match speaker resistance. This will deliver less power to speakers and system will not ...
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