How Can I Make My 50cc Scooter Faster?


You can make your 50cc scooter go faster by modifying the engine size, intake and continuously variable transmission (CVT). Upgrade your bike with a 72cc upgrade kit or replace the roller weights in the CVT variator. Fitting a NGK spark plug would also increase the rate of ignition.
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put a 80cc big bore kit on it change carb jets and add a better air filter when we had puch mopeds 35 yrs ago they went 28mph we found giant restrictor bushings in the exhaust systems
If you want to make your 50cc scooter go faster you are going to have to tune it up, however you must know that if you tune the engine the reliability of the scooter will decline
1. This article pertains to mostly Chinese made 4-stroke 50cc scooters but the basic principles remain. The first issue at hand is to make sure your scooter is performing as well
4-stroke derestriction guide… The consequences of derestriction may be expensive citations. In some states, a moped becomes a motorcycle
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Modifications to the scooters engine size, intake and CVT are needed to make the scooter go faster. The following link provides the techniques used to make a 50cc scooter go faster
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A washer has been placed in the drivetrain / variator of most 50cc scooters. Removing this washer will derestrict the scooter. If you have no knowledge of how ...
50cc moped is a motorcycle. The 50cc moped insurance isabout £72.45. For motorcycles, scooters and 50cc mopeds, motorbike insurance, moped insurance & ...
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