How Do You Make a Fire Extinguisher?


There are different types of fire extinguisher such as water, dry chemical and carbon dioxide extinguisher all are made differently, for instance to make a baking soda fire extinguisher one should fill a clean glass jar one third full of white vinegar then remove any moisture, place a piece of tissue paper over the mouth of the jar, push down on the tissue paper to create a hammock effect inside the jar then put a rubber band over the tissue paper and place baking soda into the tissue paper hammock, Screw the lid on the jar tightly, shake the jar, to mix the liquid and powder and finally Point the jar in the direction of the fire and remove the lid.
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How to Make a Fire Extinguisher
Fire extinguishers are a first line of defense when fighting a fire at home. They are a quick and convenient way to douse the flames and could save your house from excessive damage. It is important to have a fire extinguisher in any area of the home... More »
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The ingredients needed are: Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Bottle, 1 Pint or larger, cap and toilet paper. Fill the plastic bottle with 1/3 vinegar and fill the bottle with water but leave 1.5 inches of room left or 6 cm left. Get some two sheets of toilet paper and place two table spoons of backing soda on it then fold it up. Drill a small hole in the cap and run the bag though it. When ready to use, push the bag in to the sack point.
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A fire extinguisher works by first removing the safety pin. Once the safety pin is removed, depress the operating lever. The lever pushes on an actuating rod, which presses the spring-mounted
1. Lift the extinguisher up in both hands. Notice whether it is heavy or light. If it feels heavy, there is an extinguishing agent (water, foam, etc) inside. If it feels light,the
1 Call for help before attempting to extinguish a serious fire. The fire may take hold much faster than you're capable of dealing with it, and if help is on the way, it removes one
lack of oxygen OR of flammable material (fuel) but usually lack of heat. Water is used to remove heat from a fire involving ordinary combustibles.
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When there is a fire, it is very important to call the fire department and use the appropriate fire extinguisher or extinguishing method. Evaluate the fire to ...
The most common type of fire extinguisher contain the foaming type agent to put out fires. Other types of fire extinguishers contain water, dry powder, halon and ...
A fire extinguisher is a fire preservation device that is used to control or put out a fire, mostly in emergency situations. The device consists of a hand-held ...
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