How Do You Make a French Beret?


To make a French beret, lay a sheet of newspaper on your work table. Draw a circle 12 inches in diameter, using a compass. Cut out the circle and draw a 6-inch circle in the centre of the 12-inch circle. Finally, fold the sewn seam to the inside of the brim and topstitch it as close to the sewn stitch line as possible to finish the French beret.
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1. Cut out a circle of fabric that is 20 inches in diameter. Hem all around the outside of the circle, leaving a 1 inch opening. 2. Cut a piece of elastic that is just long enough
le béret (masc. is a sort of round, soft cap - Its purpose is to serve as such. It is used as head gear by some military regiments.
How to Clean a Beret: Things You'll Need: Clean cloths Wool-fabric stain remover Hand soap Oatmeal can Wash your hands. If you handle your hat with unwashed hands, the oils from your
You can get a French beret from They have a mens/womens beret on sale now
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How to Make a French Beret
Round, flat French berets are trendy and stylish hats that have been around for ages and never seem to lose their appeal. Making a French beret requires few pattern pieces and is a wonderful project for a sewing beginner. Recycle your own old sweatshirts... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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A French hat is called a beret. It is soft, round, flat-crowned, and it is usually made of woven or hand-knitted wool. It fits snugly around the head; it can be ...
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