How Do You Make a Game Spinner?


To make a game spinner, first determine what information needs to be on the spinner. Cut a 6-by-6 inch square of lightweight cardboard or card stock paper. At least one side of this square must be blank in order to create a spinner. Trace a circle onto the card. Determine the number of sections you will need on the spinner, and draw lines to connect outer edges by running it through the center dot.
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The Easiest Way to Make a Game Spinner
Children's games. such as Twister and Candy Land often include a spinner to randomly select one of several options during the player's turn. Unfortunately, these spinners are easily lost or damaged when a favorite game is played repeatedly. You can make... More »
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1. Cut a circle out of cardboard. Draw several straight lines across it to divide it into slices, like a pie. 2. Write something different in each segment of the circle. For most
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well a circle is 360 degrees, so you just take that and divide it by how many sections you want. For instance, let's say you want to divide it into 5 sections. You take 360 / 5 and
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The twister spinner or caller is the board that is used in the Milton Bradley floor game. When the spinner is spun, the hands will point to a corresponding extremity ...
Take a board and color a circle with different colored wedges related to your subject. Buy a spinner set at your local craft store, and click int onto the center ...
1. Cut an 8-inch square of poster board. Draw a 6-inch-long and 1/2-inch-wide arrow on another piece of poster board and cut it out. 2. Use a ruler to divide the ...
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