How Do You Make a Go Cart?


If you wish to make a go cart come up with your design and then get your wheels and fasten them to the dowel using screws. Take a piece of plywood and secure the axels with u-braces and then tie a piece of rope on both ends of the dowel to help with steering. Build the body to your liking and install a seat then create a break by nailing a piece of wood on the side of the cart: this will be essential when you need to stop the car. Decorate your go cart and take it for a test drive.
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How to Make a Go Cart
From the early days of our youth, it seems their has been a preoccupation with vehicles and racing, pushing the boundaries and limits of acceleration and speed. The inner-kid's desire to build a go-kart may still be burning inside of you. Or, perhaps,... More »
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To make a go-kart, first draw your plan for the kart, purchase your materials and parts. Obtain a welder and if you don't know how to weld, then using your design plan, cut the metal tubing and weld them together. Assemble½ inch steel rod for linkages and a¾ inch for your axlesand on the rear frame, weld a flat piece of steel plate to mount your engine. Finally, attach your throttle cable to the hand throttle and make your seats and floor boards.
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To make a go kart can be fairly complex. Your first step is to gather your materials. <br/><br/>Obtain a welder. If you do not know how to weld, you will have to hire
1. First, draw the frame of the go cart, creating the drawing from the side view of the go cart. The top of the frame is trapezoidal in shape; it is wider on the bottom and narrower
There actually is no governor on the electric carts and you cannot take it off, what you can do is to upgrade your speed controller(reprogram) and this place does it at a good price
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