How Do You Make a Jesse Tree?


The Jesse tree represents Jesus' family tree. To make one, take a large, bare branch and secure it in a pot of sand or rocks. Create ornaments that trace Jesus' royal line by making symbols for some of the people found in the Hebrew testament. Make the ornaments out of cardboard or construction paper and decorate as you like and then hang them on the tree.
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A Jesse tree is named from Isaiah 11:1 and there are several ways that you can make this tree. First you will need a bible, use small real Christmas tree from which you will let children hang the ornaments on it during Sunday service. Choose several foot tree branches with lots of smaller branches attached to it and cover the bucket with Christmas paper while placing branch in a pot of dirt. Using burlap fabric, make a wall hanging then finally draw the designs, print and glue them to the back of the posters.
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